Leave your masculinity. 

I’ve befriended you like I intended to 
so you can believe, and not misconceive


beneath me is concrete


someplace I stand faithfully 


I’m introducing you to what I call a WOMAN

We can share what we want to share

figure out if it’s fair or what is fair

we can also convince ourself there is no such thing as humans 

because your heart been broken once before by one

you never knew why so it left you unsure


believing every one 

is masked with the intentions of being a vicious monster. (woman or man)

I’m eager for you to witness what a human feel like?

I’ll lay comfortable with you as you soak in the mattress 

transfer all the doubt and assumptions to me

you’ve been punished enough just lay still and consume my aura as I seek beauty within you. 

you have nothing to lose

let your guards down, lay your head down

open your inner being in conceiving just an innocent beauty I call a WOMAN

As your vulnerability peers through notice no judgment from I 

in fact, it’s very serene  

being that I’m awfully benign 

I’m soft with the touch and gentle on the ears

you will need to relax

I’m here to help you open more

let’s leave the pain there 

I gotcha

feel it through the light, I gotcha

hold on my fellow, I gotcha

now open the door so I can get to you. remember I gotcha.   


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